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Houston Texans

Gary Kubiak taken to hospital at halftime

Head coach Gary Kubiak, 52, collapsed on the sideline during Sunday night's game against the Colts and is in stable condition.

While leaving the field at halftime, Kubiak stopped and fell to on knee along the sideline. Kubiak was immediately examined by team medics and taken off the field on a stretcher. He was transported to a local hospital in an ambulance as a precaution, according to defensive coordinator Wade Phillips. Kubiak was conscious and accompanied by his family.

"All of his vital signs are good," Phillips said. "He did not have a heart attack, but they are still checking on everything with him."

Phillips took over the head coaching duties in the second half of the game in Kubiak's absence. Phillips was also leaving the field when Kubiak went down before heading to a locker room full of uncertainty.

"There was a lot of unknown," Phillips said. "Everything was unknown as to what was going on and what happened to Kub. (Offensive coordinator) Rick Dennison obviously called the plays from the press box. We had to adjust as far as the head coach not being there. But, it was a shock to everybody."

Case Keenum and players were worried about the coach's condition and were updated shortly after the half.

"When we went back out, they told us that he was alright, that he was stable," Keenum said. "They didn't know what was going on yet.  Obviously we were all upset about that but trying to stay focused at the same time."

Ben Tate described Kubiak's collapse as "shocking." The running back said he would have liked to bring back a win for the coach.

"You don't think anything like that would happen to him," Tate said. "He's a guy who is mostly in good shape, he's in good health. I mean, it was tough, but we still had a game to go out and play. You can't really sit down and just dwell on that. The best thing that would've made him feel good is if we would've won this game."

The Colts players and coaches were informed of Kubiak's situation. Head coach Chuck Pagano heard about the collapse during halftime.

"All our thoughts and prayers are with Coach Kubiak and his family," Colts head coach Chuck Pagano said. "We were notified at halftime that there could be a delay, and something had happened to one of their staff. Didn't know who exactly it was and then we found out. But again our thoughts and prayers are with Coach and the rest of this team, and we just pray for and obviously hope that it's nothing serious and that he gets back to health and as soon as possible gets back to his team."

Andrew Luck, who attended high school in Houston during Kubiak's early years with the team, spoke highly of the Texans' coach after the game in his press conference.

"He's a great football man and a great person," Luck said. "I think it was a great win but all our thoughts and prayers are with him and his family and hope he gets healthy."

Kubiak was named head coach of the Houston Texans in January 2006. The team has had its five best seasons in franchise history under Kubiak's tenure. Born in Houston, Kubiak is married to Rhonda and has three sons.**

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