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Get To Know: Will Fuller


Here are five things to know about the Texans first-round draft pick, wide receiver Will Fuller.

1. He's had a lifelong dream of being in the NFL.

He started played football at the age of seven and had dreams of playing in the NFL for as long as he can remember.

"Every time a teacher used to ask me or someone I looked up to ask me, I always said I wanted to be a football player when I grew up," Fuller said.

2. Fuller and O'Brien go way back.

Bill O'Brien first met Fuller at a football camp in Pennslyvania. He was so impressed with Fuller and his speed that he didn't waste time offering him a scholarship.

"One of the things I remember about him is when he drove from Philly to Penn State for that camp that everybody's talking about," O'Brien said. "I think he jumped out of the car and Fitzy (Craig Fitzgerald), our strength coach at the time who is here with us now, said 'hey, get on the starting line and run your 40.' I think he ran a 4.3 right out of the car driving from three and a half hours away, so we knew he could run. We said this would be a guy that we would like to have in our program."

3. He takes Philly with him wherever he goes.

Fuller has a tattoo of the Liberty Bell as an homage to his hometown of Philadelphia, on his right forearm. Inked underneath is the city's skyline and the iconic "LOVE" statue.

4. He's pretty familiar with Jaelen Strong and DeAndre Hopkins.

He is good friends with Jaelen Strong, who he met his freshman year of high school. Strong went to West Philadelphia Catholic High School, while Fuller attended Roman Catholic. The two Philadelphia-area schools played each other the first game each year. Strong and Fuller also faced each other twice in college.

Congrats bro, live it up!  #215 #SNPGD — Will Fuller V (@Will_Fuller7) May 2, 2015

By the way, Strong isn't the only Texans wide receiver that Fuller is looking forward to playing with in Houston.

"Oh yeah I'm super excited to be playing with DeAndre Hopkins," Hopkins said. "I had a teammate on Notre Dame who's from South Carolina, so that's all we talked about was Hopkins. I'm very aware of how good he is and I can't wait to play on the same team as him."

5. His Notre Dame head coach Brian Kelly says he's a one-in-a-quarter-century sort of a guy.

"He can catch the ball vertically like nobody that I've coached in 25 years," Kelly said in an exclusive interview with Texans TV. "You throw the ball deep, he's going to catch the football."

Check out the best shots from Will Fuller's Texans photo shoot.

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