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Goodell: NFL Draft could expand to 4 days

More changes might be on the way for the NFL Draft. According to commissioner Roger Goodell, the draft potentially could expand from three days to a four-day event.

"We're looking at a lot of options with respect to the draft to create even more excitement around the draft, maybe even expanding the number of days for which we have the draft," Goodell said Friday in an interview with NFL Network. "We also may change the location or combine it."

Fans and media not pleased with the extra two weeks before this year's draft, may have to get used to the longer wait. As a result of a scheduling conflict with Radio City Music Hall, the annual draft venue may have started a new trend. Early May could be the new home for the most highly-anticipated day of the NFL offseason.

All options, as far as a new venue and later date, are still on the table for future drafts per Goodell. The one thing that won't change?

"We're not going to expand beyond seven rounds," Goodell said.

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