Hard Knocks Episode 4: Bring Your Own Juice

Sometimes Bill O'Brien doesn't want to be responsible for giving everyone extra juice. Is that too much to ask? Sometimes you just have to bring your own juice, ok?

In other words, motivate yourself.

Vince Wilfork brought the juice, the appetizers, and the entrees to practice. Big Vince arrived wearing his "Ready to compete?" overalls and cowboy boots into NRG Stadium, into the locker room, and onto the practice field.

Life lesson: If you want to entertain football players from all walks of life (plus a salty head coach), dress a 300-plus pound nose tackle in jean coveralls.


There's no 'E' in opportunity*
O'Brien won't bring juice but he will provide spelling lessons at practice. It's a perfect opp-OR-tunity to do so.

Cushing just learned how to spell opportunity last week. Listen, if he can't spell opportunity, it's because he's too busy living it! Cue the cinematic, high-speed, time lapse montage of Cushing's day at work.

We also discovered that Vince spells phonetically, much to J.J. Watt's delight. Knife is N-I-F-E. Oh, and "spaghetti" was the winning word in Watt's fifth grade spelling bee. He didn't win; he was eliminated much earlier. Wait, Watt was in the school spelling bee?

Random life tips from J.J. Watt
1. Sleep like you are still in elementary school, 10 hours a day. Your social life will be that of a fifth grader, but you'll probably know how to spell spaghetti because you have razor sharp mental focus.

  1. When it comes to restaurants, a full paper towel roll on the table is code for "the food is going to be good."

Everybody just chill, ok?"I got J.J. Watt on my team. I'm not even tripping."

Charles James II isn't worried about spelling or restaurant reviews or facing a former teammate, Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr., in Madden NFL 16 on Xbox Live.

In real life, James is fighting for a roster spot. In Madden World, he's always a starter. Two-time Pro Bowler Johnathan Joseph can show himself to the bench in Madden World. James also doubles as Coach O'Brien, giving himself a haltime talk with a healthy dose of expletives.

It was a full circle moment for the undrafted second-year cornerback on last night's episode. Last week, he was introducing himself to Peyton Manning as a big fan. This week, Erin Andrews was introducing herself to him as a fan of his before the third preseason game against the Saints.

Even without his lucky socks, James scored a 73-yard touchdown on offense in New Orleans. Forget that silly holding call - the TD counted in his book. James was still just as excited after the game. Not even O'Brien's hand gestures from the bus could wipe the smile off his face.

The only thing that could would be…

Roster cutsNothing wipes a smile off your face like seeing players getting cut on "Hard Knocks." It's what the show is best known for, giving an inside look at the conversations that take place when players and teams part ways.

Seeing players lose their jobs is never easy, but especially when you get to know them. Travis Labhart, a walk-on at Texas A&M, has been a local favorite. Guard Cody White, a tough offensive lineman worked the entire offseason to return from an Achilles injury.

Even though we knew who would be gone after the first round of roster cuts, it was still uncomfortable watching Labhart have a bad day at practice and wonder if that would be the play that ultimately sent him home or seeing White wipe a tear as he was given the news from O'Brien.

David Quessenberry is in in remission, which he calls "a beautiful thing." He gains his strength from other cancer patients, especially like Texans founder and chairman, Bob McNair. O'Brien gains his inspiration from the young offensive tackle fighting his way back from lymphoma to play football once again. We see how badly Quessenberry wants to play in 2015. Instead, he'll go on injured reserve for the season. He's not only fighting cancer, he's fighting to make his way back to professional football. Quessenberry vows to make it happen one day soon.

Now that's juice.

The season finale of "Hard Knocks" airs Tuesday, September 8 at 9 p.m. CT on HBO.

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