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Hard Knocks Top 5 Videos

Last night, I helped put my kids to bed and headed downstairs. Me and my wife got a quick snack, moved into the living room and turned on the TV. It was 9:00 pm CT.

Our first instinct? To turn on HBO for the latest episode of Hard Knocks. We had gotten used to it and had built our Tuesday nights around it. But last night, it wasn't there. It was just another reminder that the show is over.

Did you feel the same way? If so, here are a few videos that can allow us all to reminisce.

The videos below were the top five most watched Hard Knocks segments on

Which one was your favorite? As a reminder you can read, watch and listen to all of our #HardKnocks coverage HERE.

5. Khari Lee as Bill O'Brien

4. Houston Texans Promo

3. Watt vs. Matthews (2014 Hard Knocks)

2. Houston Texans Trailer

1. Vince 'Air Jordan' Wilfork

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