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Honoring cultural roots | Off the Field

Every year starting on September 15th, individuals from all cultural backgrounds come together to celebrate National Latinx Heritage Month. It is a time to recognize and remember Latin American culture and history in the United States. The month of September is historically significant in many Latin American countries as it represents the time in which they gained independence. The celebration lasts until October 15th, and it is in honor of Americans who trace their lineage to Central or South America and Spanish-speaking Caribbean Nations in the US. As a proud Latina woman with Venezuelan roots, this celebratory period means so much to me.

Growing up in a Hispanic home, I was able to learn the customs and traditions of my ancestors, which have been passed down for generations. My Venezuelan-born parents introduced me to the language, food and culture of their home country from a young age. By helping my mom in the kitchen, I grew to love traditional foods such as arepas rellenas, mandocas and hallacas. I learned how to salsa dance from my dad at family gatherings and parties. At my tia's wedding, I witnessed the culturally unique style of an authentic Venezuelan wedding. From my abuela, I gained knowledge and perspective on the true history of my family through her stories and her love.

In all my life experiences, I have carried my Hispanic roots with pride and honor. I have always looked up to Latinx American artists and icons who raised their flags for the world to see. Being able to do that same thing here in Houston as a professional cheerleader has been a dream come true. My rich cultural background encouraged me to be my absolute best. My hope is that young Latinx cheerleaders who see me achieving my dreams will be inspired to reach dreams of their own. I believe that representation of minorities is crucial for improving diversity in all fields to encourage positive change and create a more inclusive environment.

I am so fortunate that the Houston Texans provides a platform to share my story with the world. Being able to connect and communicate with our Spanish-speaking fans has been such a pleasure. I know myself and all of my fellow Latinx cheerleaders are constantly overwhelmed with the amount of love and support we receive from our Texans fans and organization on a daily basis. Being a professional cheerleader in any other city wouldn't be the same.

People from all different backgrounds make up our beloved Houston Texans fan base. This month, we are especially grateful to be celebrating Latinx Heritage Month with our Texans family! Happy Latinx Heritage Month and Go Texans!

- HTC Victoria M

Houston Texans Cheerleaders came out to NRG Stadium to celebrate the Houston Texans Foundation for the Texans Care game presented by Chevron, perform with Rev Run and DJ Ruckus and cheer on the Houston Texans.

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