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Hopkins, Savage building chemistry

DeAndre Hopkins and Tom Savage have been teammates for three years. Hopkins was catching passes and touchdowns, while Savage diligently prepared as the backup quarterback each week.

"That's something everybody in this locker room respects about him," Hopkins said Monday. "How he always stayed into it. How he never got down or never doubted himself."

Savage is now primed for a big opportunity to be the Texans starting quarterback. This offseason, the quarterback-wide receiver tandem has been putting in work in preparation.

"We definitely have been getting after it since we've been back in town," Hopkins said. "Just doing extra things. He throws a good ball. He knows this offense better than any quarterback that can be in this system. He's been here since he's been in the NFL and under this system, so he knows how to put the ball where it needs to be."

Savage started two games last year and has seen action in other games over the course of his Texans career. While limited in their playing time together on the field, the duo has always been developing chemistry together, according to Hopkins.

"We were building that chemistry even when he was on the sideline when he wasn't playing," Hopkins said. "Just him always being into the game and knowing what's going on and knowing what he could do if he was in the game. Even in practice, even in the film room, he was always into it. There was never a time that he didn't know where the ball was supposed to go or how it should be thrown. So, I feel like since he's been here for four years we've been building that chemistry. Not just now."

Savage and Hopkins also developed a friendship along the way. Recently, Hopkins spent time at the Savage house, playing video games and sharing it on his Snapchat. He even joked that he wasn't pleased when the quarterback didn't have his favorite beverage the last time he visited.

"But besides that, we're pretty tight," Hopkins said, smiling.

This year, Savage and Hopkins will have an opportunity to work together more than ever before. Hopkins, Savage, and the players returned to NRG Stadium on Monday for Phase 1 of the offseason workout program.

"The kid is a go-getter," Hopkins said. "He doesn't quit. Even out there today he was trying to be first. He was hustling. He was out there being a leader even though he hasn't played many snaps in this league."

WR DeAndre Hopkins--from Clemson to the Texans--is featured here in photos.

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