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Houston Texans Cheerleader Shares What Homecoming Means to the Team | Off the Field

Being a Houston Texans Cheerleader is one of the best roller coasters you will ever ride. But what happens when the ride stops? It opens new avenues and opportunities for you to continue to do great things for Houston and create memorable experiences.

On October 17th, I had the privilege of attending a homecoming event for the HTC alumni. As I watched each alumni member walk into the tunnel, their faces beamed with excitement to be back home. They each shared nostalgic memories about being on the field, their favorite moments during their season, and the life lessons that the HTC organization had taught them. But what I enjoyed most was listening to them converse about their current life events and how they continue to stay involved in each other's lives. They truly have created a bond that cannot be broken.

Though there were many generations being represented on the field during homecoming, there were two things that each cheerleader had in common: hustle and heart. They each performed to "Football Time in Houston" as if their ride never ended! I am truly experiencing first-hand the many blessings of the HTC family. As one retires as a Houston Texans Cheerleader, new doors into the dance community begin to open. I know this because I currently work under the instruction of a former Houston Texans Cheerleader, Yasmine. We are able to invest in the next generation of dancers by sharing our knowledge and expertise that has been cultivated in us. Standing as a living testament that you can have your hearts desires with hard work and preparation, gives our students the desire to want to challenge themselves every day.

Former Houston Texans Cheerleader, Coach Casey, provides opportunities for the alumni to choreograph dances as well as provide mentorship for the current cheerleaders. These gifts under Coach Casey's leadership is helping the HTC organization grow and prosper.

So as we prepare to perform for Homecoming 2020 and enter into NRG Stadium, we thank every alumni member who has danced before us. Once being inducted into the alumni family, we will put our seatbelts on knowing that this ride will never end. We will continue to wear Texans on our chests with pride knowing this moment will last far beyond the boots.

-HTC Imani

Houston Texans Cheerleaders Alumni came back to NRG Stadium to preform with the current Houston Texans Cheerleaders a head of the Homecoming game presented by Chevron.

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