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@HoustonTexans: The road to a million

To commemorate the momentous occasion that is reaching one million followers on Twitter, we wanted to look back – a throwback, so to speak – and remember some of the best Twitter memories we have shared with our fans the past couple years.

September 2014

That beautiful moment when the Houston Texans locked in J.J. Watt for the next six years.

January 2015

Remember the day J.J. Watt learned what 'bae' and 'totes' meant? That totes sounds like a historical moment to us!

June 2015

A moment we had all been waiting for… Bang, bang, chicken and shrimp - Hard Knocks: Houston Texans edition.

September 2015

Speaking of Hard Knocks, overall, we would say this is probably one of our favorite pictures!

November 2015

Let's be honest – this was just a day our GIF game was oh, so strong.

December 2015

Or maybe that is every day.

January 2016

Do y'all remember that time we clinched the AFC South Championship? You can bet we definitely do!

February 2016

Cupid Wilfork? This was a day the Texans won the Super Bowl of our hearts.

May 2016

Twitter loved it and so did we. Vince Wilfork in overalls has to make its second debut on our greatest tweets list, especially because he showed us what a football version of Mario would look like. Needless to say, we weren't the slightest disappointed.

June 2016

When our football star met Mexico's football stars and both parties reactions were priceless.

Above all, we would like to thank our fans for constantly supporting the Houston Texans and being the #BestFansInTheNFL.

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