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HTC We Are Voters | Off the Field

This may be one of the most important elections in the history of the United States and moving forward. No matter your political beliefs, this is the time to come together as a nation and prove your patriotism by using the incredible privilege we as citizens have to vote. For this election, I encourage everyone to use all the tools and resources we have at our fingertips to do your research and find the candidate that you feel the proudest to support and represent the nation. Remember this isn't just a vote for the next four years but for the future of America. Keep in mind the people that aren't able to vote, the ones who don't have that privilege and use your voice for them. Keep in mind the children of this nation's future and ask yourself what kind of country do you want your child growing up in. Lastly, keep in mind that a system of democracy excels exponentially greater when the people come together as one. Early voting started October 13th and will continue until October 30th, and of course you also have Election Day November 3rd to cast your ballot. Harris County has done a phenomenal job at opening up voting booths all over the county, including a drive thru service at NRG Arena! Texans fans are some of the most spirited fans in the NFL, let's use that same energy and pride at the voting polls! I am a proud citizen of the United States and I am a proud Texan who wants to use my voice, and that's why I'm voting. We are Texans. We are Voters.

-HTC Savannah

Houston Texans Cheerleaders rep their voting gear as they head to the polls.

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