J.J. Watt naps at work, thinks everyone should

J.J. Watt is a fan of naps.

"If you guys can get a bed in your workplace, go for it," Watt said in his Wednesday press conference. "I advocate highly for naps in the workplace."

As seen in Tuesday night's episode of "Hard Knocks," Watt speaks from experience. Watt asked Mike Parson, Texans director of equipment services, if he could switch out an old sofa in the equipment room for a bed.

"I said, 'Is there enough room?' and he went back there and measured," Parson said.

Over the summer, a queen-sized bed, boxspring, and bedding arrived. It's not all just for Watt either, although the buyer of the bed definitely gets first dibs at it.

"I kind of bought it with that idea in mind that there's a bunch of guys that like to take naps, so basically as long as I'm not in it, it's kind of free to whoever wants to," Watt said. "Then if I show up, it just kind of depends."

Watt has offered the bed to the equipment staff and trainers too. They work long hours from morning until night, Watt says, and deserve some rest.

The staff pays Watt back too. In clean sheets.

"Well that's the nice thing," Watt said. "It's in the equipment room so the laundry room is literally right next door," Watt said. "It's perfect, clean sheets, the equipment guys are awesome. They do the sheets and everything."

Many Texans players enjoy playing video games, so naturally they couldn't wait to get their hands on a copy of just-released Madden 16.

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