J.J. Watt's advice to top prospect Leonard Williams

USC defensive end Leonard Williams has often drawn comparisons to J.J. Watt. The top-ranked draft prospect says he even patterns his game after Watt. In fact, he still recalls the NFL's Defensive Player of the Year giving him advice not too long ago.

"He was just working out at our school one time," Williams said Tuesday on 'America's Pregame' on FoxSports1. "He actually came onto the field and tried to teach us some pass rush moves.

"I asked him what was the hardest thing about going into a rookie season in the NFL. He said, 'Make sure you know your playbook. Once you know everything you are doing on the field, you are not thinking. You are just playing."

Williams, 6-4 ½ and 302, didn't play football until high school because he was too big for Pop Warner. Instead, he sharpened his skills in rugby. He then developed his versatility on the defensive line after playing for three different defensive coordinators and d-line coaches during his time at USC. Watt's ability to move around on the line is similar to Williams' style of play.

"He's been one of the best defensive players in the league for the last few years and he's very versatile like I see myself," Williams said of Watt at this year's NFL Scouting Combine. "When I see the film, I see how the coaches try to make mismatches like they do for me at USC."

Watch an excerpt from the interview below.

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