J.J. Watt's locker room advice to rookies

"Good is the enemy of great."

J.J. Watt gives rookies some final parting words of advice in the locker room after their final OTA practice. Watt wanted to emphasize the importance of hard work during the next six weeks.

"Never be satisfied with anything," Watt said Wednesday. "Never be happy with just good. Every single day, you need to do something to make yourself better than everybody else. That's the only way we're going to improve. We can't be satisfied with just being good. You can't go to your workout every day, just go through the motions, and be happy with what you're doing."

Players have since headed their separate ways for the remainder of the offseason since Watt's speech last week. Watt, who will spend the off time at his Wisconsin cabin, hoped everyone took advantage of the down time but didn't stray too far from routines.

"Every single day, we need to be the best we can possibly be," Watt said. "That means, when you're on your own, when your back home, when you're doing whatever workout that you're doing, you need to remember that you're part of this Texans team. You represent the city of Houston and you need to do every single thing you need to do to get yourself ready for training camp so that when this season comes, we're ready to hit the ground running. That's our style."

The Texans kick off their 2015 training camp on Saturday, August at the Houston Methodist Training Center.

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