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Jenny Winston diary: In-season schedule


Eric and Jenny Winston are excited to begin another season of football in Houston.

EDITOR'S NOTE: is pleased to introduce fans to Jenny Winston, the wife of starting right tackle Eric Winston. She provides periodic diary entries on a range of topics to give fans a woman's perspective on the NFL and life off the field.

At the start of season, while most football fans are reviewing their fantasy football rosters and making their final score predictions for the upcoming games on Sunday, I'm spending my leisurely days sleeping in and lunching with the girls. Sometimes, if I have the energy, I will spend an afternoon strolling the lovely halls of the greatest sanctuary in Houston--the Galleria. Sounds wonderful, doesn't it?

I really wish I could say that (or even write that) with a straight face, but I must come clean: Most of my free time during a home-game week is actually spent inside the ultra practical, stone walls of Costco! You see, in the same way that the guys have to make sure not to forget their routes, schemes and assignments on Sundays, I have a job that is equally as important to some--not to forget the salsa or guacamole for the pre- and post-game gatherings.

Typically, a week during the regular season for the Texans begins on Monday when the players go to the stadium to get a full body workout in and the overachievers, like my husband (LOL), will watch the game film from the previous game.

Tuesday is the highly anticipated day off for the week, per NFL rules. Lucky for me, in our case, Eric can usually manage to squeeze in a quick lunch with his wife in between appearances and his radio show (610 AM) at 5 p.m. So, technically it is a day off from setting foot on a football field, but it is a rarity for the guys to sit around and do nothing!

Work resumes again on Wednesday, while the Texans have a full practice accompanied with meetings that include watching game film of the team they will be playing on Sunday. The team will start to practice the plays they intend to run against their opponent in the upcoming game, as well as study the patterns of the opposing team.

This schedule is more or less repeated on Thursday and Friday as well. My goal by Thursday is to have Motel Winston up and running, open for vacancy. This way, whenever our friends and family get to town, they can check in right away. I wonder what the salary would be for an individual who would be considered part owner/operator/housekeeper and chef of a motel? I should ask for a raise.=)

By the time Saturday morning rolls around, the team must meet on the practice fields for a "walk through" in which they go over each play they are going to run in the game, and put focus on any new plays that were introduced during the week. Eric will then have the middle of the day to spend time with his family (which really means that he's going to watch college football). It is about this time every week that he has officially entered deep into what I refer to as "the zone."


I'm sure that men in lots of different professions may act a bit preoccupied if they have a big meeting coming up or an important presentation to give the following day. Other NFL wives would agree that there is a state of mind your husband gets into each week before a game. Early on, I thought it was because Eric may have suffered one too many blows to the head at practice during the week which, in turn, caused him to space out during conversations. But, after many carefully conducted experiments at our home, I have learned that he is simply so focused on the upcoming contest that what's going on around him just doesn't seem to register.

In these instances, I tend to let him go about his day as he pleases because I now know that once E is in the zone, there's no hope of reaching him until the game is over. Week after week, I just hope he continues to safely return back to normal.=)

And last but not least comes the night before the game when the entire team stays at a hotel. The idea is that by removing the guys from their homes and families, it will eliminate any distractions that may take their minds off of the game the following day. Whoever thought of this plan was brilliant: How did they know that the best chick flicks flood the TV schedule on Saturday nights? I don't feel guilty watching "Sex and the City" marathons or catching up on my TiVo because I know my husband is having a blast at a slumber party with 52 of his closest pals--an added bonus after a week of hard work! HAHA

The Texans are looking great thus far and I am so excited to see what they will accomplish this season! I have already started to break in my lucky game jersey. Thanks so much for taking the time to read my diary and please feel free to email me with any questions or comments! Until next time...GO TEXANS! =)


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