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Jenny Winston diary: Visiting West Texas


Texans starting right tackle Eric Winston poses with his wife, Jenny, after a game.

EDITOR'S NOTE: is pleased to introduce fans to Jenny Winston, the wife of starting right tackle Eric Winston. She will provide periodic diary entries on a range of topics to give fans a woman's perspective on the NFL and life off the field.

Hi! My name is Jenny Winston and my husband is Texans right tackle Eric Winston. Eric was drafted by the Houston Texans in 2006 and is now entering his fourth NFL season. It is hard to believe that we have been living in Houston together for about three years now. It seems like just yesterday I was sizzling in the stands as he was suiting up in orange and green in the hot South Florida sun as a proud Miami Hurricane! Now, he's back in the hot Texas sun that he's so familiar with as he represents an outstanding team at the professional level.

It truly is a testament to Eric's hard work - and the fact that he grew to be the size of a person and a half (6-7, 310) - that he was given this rare opportunity. We are so happy to be in Houston and, above all, we're so proud to be a part of the Houston Texans organization. It is such a pleasure to to be able to spend our Sundays in the fall at beautiful Reliant Stadium!

The reason why I thought it would be fun to write a diary is because I think that I can offer fans a unique perspective on "NFL life." Often times in sports, I find it is rare to get a female's viewpoint on the game and what everyday life is like outside of the football stadium or training facility. As an NFL wife, football is a huge part of our lives, but most of our free time is spent doing very routine activities. I hope that anyone who reads this diary can get to know Eric and I on a more personal level and gain a better understanding of what the players and their families go through in day-to-day life. I also look forward to sharing some of our individual stories and experiences that we have had because of the NFL, as well as the opportunities that this particular career has provided us. I hope to encourage whoever reads this to join us on this exciting ride!

{QUOTE}Just this past weekend, Eric and I went to Midland, Texas, where he was born and raised. If any of you are familiar with the book, "Friday Night Lights," one of the schools mentioned in the book, Permian, was one of Eric's biggest rivals while he attended Robert E. Lee high school. To further illustrate how deep the football roots are in West Texas, one of Eric's close family friends has three young boys named T.D., Hut and Stance - I'm serious! What would you name your three kids to describe some of your favorite things? In my case, Eric and I would be raising three lovely girls named Handbag, Shoes and Diamond!

What was really great about this trip was seeing how supportive and proud the city of Midland is of Eric and his accomplishments. From the minute we stepped off the plane, people were coming up and shaking his hand to congratulate him and welcome him home. Personally, it was nice to see people that were looking up to Eric figuratively, not just literally! To me, he's just Eric - a big kid with a big heart. Sometimes I forget the positive influence that he has on people, especially the community of Midland.

Furthermore, I thought it was such an honor that the local restaurant in town had a huge #73 Texans jersey on the wall to signify their continuing support of the kid from Midland who worked hard and is now playing on Sundays. I kept thinking to myself how difficult it is to get Eric to hang his clean shirts up in his closet, and here his mesh shirt was hanging in a frame. It's amazing how grounded he is and I'm more than happy to be the anchor of his hot air balloon "head!"

I know Eric enjoys going back home often to visit with the people that have been such an inspiration to him along the way and such a huge part of his success. I am sure that many professional athletes would gladly admit that they appreciate all the help and guidance that have propelled them to where they are today. I think that is something that professional athletes have in common with people in any other career: You can't achieve great things on your own without a solid support system. Thanks everyone in Midland, Texas, for such a warm homecoming and a great weekend!

I hope you enjoy this first diary entry. I am excited to contribute to this blog and look forward to updating it regularly. I welcome any questions you may have for me and really appreciate you taking the time to read! Until next time, GO TEXANS!! =)

P.S. I would like to extend a special thanks to Louise Glenn.


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