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KC Chiefs watched Watt film weekly

Nose tackle Jerrell Powe studied a lot of J.J. Watt while he was a Kansas City Chief.

Watt was a film study favorite of the Chiefs defensive line coach, Tommy Brasher, a veteran with 25 years of NFL experience.

"We always watched film on him when we were in Kansas City," Powe said on the Verizon Texans Players radio show on Tuesday. "Coach Brasher always used to make us watch his pass rush cut up every Friday so every Friday we had to watch J.J.'s game from last week."

Powe and his teammates also studied their upcoming opponent, but Watt was the only other player they watched each week during the 2013 season.

"When you hear stuff like that, it's crazy," Watt said. "That's what you work for. There is nothing more important than having the respect of your peers and the guys that work so hard and know the game, players, and coaches. That always means the most to me when a guy comes in who's been in the league and says something nice like that. That means a lot to me."

Once he became a Texan, Powe, already impressed with Watt's abilities on the field, learned about the work ethic behind the success.

"When I got here, he was everything everybody said he was – a hard worker, a guy that puts the right things in his body, comes to work early, stays late," Powe said. "I was really impressed with him and it shows on the field. He's everything everybody said he was, a real energetic guy who gets the team motivated and he leads by example."

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