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Kubiak: Player Updates 8/2

Head coach Gary Kubiak gave an update on several players following Friday's morning practice, the last one before a short break.

-Running back Ben Tate had a sore groin and was taken out of practice early.

"He'll be fine. I think it's precautionary," said Kubiak. "We wanted to work a lot of young players today and the minute he said he was sore, we got him out."

-Wide receiver Alan Bonner and tight end Adam Schiltz both suffered hamstring injuries.

"It looked like a little hamstring tweak. Him (Bonner) and I think Schiltz, the same thing," Kubiak said after practice. "We've got to evaluate them. We've got a couple days here where they can get some treatments, so we'll see where we're at when we come back Sunday."

-Inside linebacker Brian Cushing removed his pads for the final 45 minutes of practice and is steadily increasing his participation in team drills. According to Kubiak, Cushing will be ready for full eleven-on-eleven sometime next week. This week, Cushing had been involved in individual and for the latter part of the week, seven-on-seven drills.

 "He took anything we were doing, considering what was pass stuff," said Kubiak. "Try to keep him out of the banging right now, the run game. He's gotten more reps. That will pick up on Sunday once again when we go back."

-Running back Arian Foster may be a participant in Sunday's practice. Foster has been warming up and doing individual exercises throughout training camp while recovering from a calf injury he sustained during OTAs.

"We're hoping Arian's a participant in practice on Sunday. We'll see how he does," Kubiak said Thursday afternoon.

The Texans will have Friday afternoon and Saturday off and resume training camp practice Sunday morning.

"I think we had a good week," Kubiak said Friday. "I try to show them good examples of veteran guys that have been here every day for 13 days and why they're good players, why we can count on them. We try to talk to them about things they've got to stay away from if they want to stay in this league. That's a constant message to young and old each and every day. It's been a good week. We need a little break here and we'll come back and get going Sunday."

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