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Likes N Stuff: Extended Version

In the offseason, news is slow but social media is king for entertainment. This week, there was so much to like on "Likes 'N Stuff" that not everything made the cut. Here's the best of the rest:

Watt a birthday!
J.J Watt turned 28 this week and fans wished him a happy birthday in droves.

So he does read all those "Uhh, hey J.J." mentions!

But, it was Watt's birthday cake, a three-dimensional version of his newest signature show that was a step above the rest. It gave all the other cakes a run for their money. There will be big shoes to fill for the 29th birthday cake. Have we run out of puns yet?

Kareem's Picks
Kareem Jackson gets his share of picks during the season. These days, he's dishing out the latest on his  music picks. Forget about reading album reviews, just follow Jackson on Twitter.

"Stars – They're Just Like Us!"
I enjoy the occasional U.S. Weekly gossip magazine. One of the most iconic sections is called, "Stars – They're Just Like Us!" It's really just a two-page spread on very famous people doing very mundane things and yet it's embarassingly popular.

This week, Whitney Mercilus is "Just Like Us" because he gets star struck around famous athletes too. After spotting Astros legend and Hall of Famer Jeff Bagwell, Mercilus took a picture with him.

For more on this week's social media from players, click here.

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