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#LikesNStuff: Extended Version

Likes 'N Stuff, our weekly social media recap, pretty much writes itself each week. In fact, there's often too much to fit into 2-3 minutes of a television segment. So, here's the best of the rest that didn't make it into this week's recap.

Charles James II wasn't the only player to have a reaction to Kobe Bryant's retirement tour and farewell game at Staples Center:

Vince Wilfork showed off his fishing skills via Instagram:

Our Like of the Week involved the Houston Texans, Carolina Panthers, Houston Astros, and Carlos Gomez conversation that took place on Twitter this week. We couldn't fit all of it, especially with minor things like licensing rights to major movies that were involved.

Side note: Scenes from "Stepbrothers" make terrific GIFs. Also, any Will Ferrell reaction to anything.

Click here for the full story on how this whole thing transpired over the course of just a few hours.

If you see something on social media that you like, put a #LikesNStuff on it and let us know!

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