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Local media polled on Texans No. 1 pick

What does the Houston media think of the Texans No. 1 pick?

In a recent poll among local radio, newspaper and television media personalities that cover the Houston Texans, we asked two questions:

1.    Who do you think the Texans will draft with the No. 1 pick?
2.    Who would you draft with the No. 1 pick?

While most of the country is still guessing what happens to that No. 1 pick, local media seems to have reached a consensus:

1.    Jadeveon Clowney – 73%
2.    Trade down – 18%
3.    Don't know – 9%

It appears that just days before the draft, many have paired Houston with Jadeveon Clowney or feel that a trade is imminent. Despite national opinion at the NFL Combine, no one believes that the Texans like a quarterback enough to make him the first-overall pick.

Most seemed more conflicted on whom they would like to see the Texans draft:

T-1.    Clowney - 36%
T-1.    Johnny Manziel – 36%
2.       Trade down – 18%
3.       Indifferent – 9%

Clowney seems to be a popular among media members perhaps because everyone wants to cover the undisputed best player in the draft. The only other person the media would like to cover as much is a Texas-born quarterback with star power. The rest want to see a trade happen, perhaps because it might be the best scenario to stockpile picks and get more talent which would perhaps lead to a winning season once again, another nice thing for media to cover.

With just three days remaining until the first round of the 2014 NFL Draft, it won't be long before the world finds out what the Texans do.

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