Madden Matchup: Texans vs. Chiefs

Playoffs, baby!

You didn't think we'd stop doing the Madden Matchup now did you? You didn't think that at this pivotal moment, in your hour of playoff need, that we'd abandon you and leave you without a virtual prediction for the Texans game? In the words of the great J from Men in Black fame...

Much like the actual Texans, our new Madden season has begun. The virtual Texans come in with the same modicum of momentum as the actual Texans, with Madden 16 having predicted wins in the final two games. We have officially made it to the dance.

From here on out, the teams are obviously good. Most pundits seem to think that the real life Texans and Chiefs are similar squads, and Madden 16 agrees. From a ratings perspective, only one point separates the two squads, the closest matchup we've seen in quite some time.


On the individual side, it looks like we should prepare for a defensive battle. The top three ranked players in this matchup are all on the defensive side of the ball. J.J. Watt (99) and Justin Houston (98), who according to reports will be back for Saturday's game, along with Tamba Hali (96) make for a formidable trio. Watt is one of only eight players in the entire game to achieve a 'perfect' 99 rating. The Deacon Jones Award winner has held that 99 slot all season long, putting his Madden 16 standing equal to his standing in the actual NFL. Watt is one of the best.

It is worth noting that Chris Clark will be tasked with blocking this Kansas City front, as he'll step in for the injured Duane Brown. Brown, an 85 rated left tackle, will surely be missed. Clark checks in at a 70 rating, but in real-life (which we all agree is more important) has playoff experience. This is definitely something to keep an eye on.

Madden Matchup: Kansas City 20, Houston 17

According to Madden 16, the Texans playoff road will end on Saturday. This was a strange simulation, as Kansas City roared out to a 20-0 lead in the second quarter and then held off a furious Texans comeback. The game featured a combined six turnovers, three on each side. Virtual Brian Hoyer struggled, throwing three interceptions, which we all agree would make a Texans win tough. Romeo Crennel's defense forced three fumbles, but that didn't seem to hurt Kansas City. The Chiefs got the ground game going, out rushing Houston 149-67.

Madden has been wrong before. Let's hope they are wrong this time.


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