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Madden Matchup: Texans vs. Saints

I was trying to think of how many cheesy lines I could come up with to brag about our current winning streak here at the Madden matchup.

Madden 16 is like butter...because it is on a ROLL.
There are two things certain in life...death and Madden 16 accurately predicting a Texans win.
It's not who we are underneath, but what Madden 16 predicts that defines us.

But, now that we've let Benjamin Franklin and Batman (the Christian Bale version) brag on us a little bit, I think the best quote is below.

This comes from the best baseball movie franchise of all-time (even though I try to act as if the third one doesn't exist), Major League. As you all know, Madden is a PERFECT 2-0 in its last two predictions. But, we haven't officially started a winning streak yet, as Coach Lou Brown reminds us above. Let's hope that happens this week.

Alright, enough with quotes. Welcome back to our Madden Matchup, as we use the popular game Madden 16 to preview the Texans upcoming game. This Sunday, the real Texans welcome the New Orleans Saints to NRG Stadium, as Bill O'Brien's crew will square off against one of the best quarterbacks in the National Football League, Drew Brees.

Despite coming into this matchup with a 4-6 record in real life, Madden 16 still thinks highly of the talent on the Saints roster. New Orleans outranks the Texans, with the Saints grabbing an 80 mark to the Texans 77.

From an individual standpoint, the Texans more than hold their own. The game's two highest rated players (J.J. Watt and DeAndre Hopkins) are Texans. Four of the top six rankings belong to Houston. The biggest difference (as in real life) revolves around the quarterback position, as Brees stands out compared to the Texans signal callers. The Texas native is a 94 overall, which makes him the 6th best QB in Madden. He also has an amazing 97 awareness rating, which is only surpassed by Tom Brady and Carson Palmer in that category. Texans quarterback Brian Hoyer has improved to an 80 mark, while recent addition T.J. Yates is now a 74 overall.

Looking at the two teams through the game's analytics, it looks as if there could be a lot of pressure on the quarterback on Sunday. In addition to Watt's perfect 99 ranking, Saints right end Cameron Jordan is a 94. In real life, Jordan has six sacks on the season, explaining why he's so highly valued in the virtual world. Look for both Hoyer and Brees to try and get rid of the ball quickly against these two star pass rushers.

Madden Matchup: Texans 27, Saints 24 (OT)

Looks like we will get our winning least we hope!

This was a real back and forth matchup, with the Texans connecting on a field goal in overtime to come out with the win. The game was 17-14 at the half, and provided fireworks all the way to the final whistle. The Texans offense, mainly the passing attack, really had a big day, as virtual Hoyer threw for 331 yards in the victory. The Texans converted 22 first downs and even rushed for over 100 yards. Let's hope we see this on Sunday, because I really enjoy passive aggressive trash talk.

See you next week guys.


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