Madden Matchup: Texans vs. Titans

I'm not sure what to think anymore.

First we had the 'Madden Curse', where the game constantly picked every game the wrong way. That finally ended back in Jacksonville. Now, Madden 16 seems to always be right. Which, I guess is what we'd hope for...except they keep picking the Texans to lose. Can the curse come back?

Either way, Madden 16 is on a two-game winning streak of sorts, having predicted Houston's win in Jacksonville and the Dolphins win last week. The game's 31-28 prediction of a Miami win wasn't really close in terms of score, as we all know by now. That said, they picked the winner.

In the actual NFL this Sunday, Houston hosts Tennessee here at NRG Stadium. The two teams (again, in real life) are a combined 3-10 in 2015. Those struggles on the field are reflected in both team's virtual ratings, as neither team grades out particularly high according to the latest roster updates. As you can see below, the Titans are viewed as the better squad, carrying a 77 mark to the Texans 74.

! From an individual standpoint, the Texans have most of the high end talent in Madden 16. Of the seven players rated over 90 in the game, five of them are Texans. Both teams' top player is a defensive end, with J.J. Watt (99) and Jurrell Casey (96) topping the list. From an awareness standpoint, the Texans have a huge advantage, with the seven top players in that category all being Texans.

In real life, there is uncertainty regarding who will play quarterback for Tennessee, and in the game that means a slight difference as well. Former Heisman Trophy winner and top pick Marcus Mariota is the highest ranked signal caller in this game, checking in at a 78 overall. Zach Mettenberger, the Titans backup, is a slight downgrade, with a 75 mark. It is interesting to note that both Tennessee quarterbacks are equal or higher to the Texans starter, Brian Hoyer (75). In case you were wondering, newest Texans QB T.J. Yates has a 72 ranking. So, thanks to our friends at Madden, we have pictures of Watt sacking Mariota (above) and Whitney Mercilus bringing down Mettenberger (below).

Madden Prediction: Titans 28, Texans 21

First off, let's hope Madden 16 is wrong. The game predicts another Texans loss, which I'm guess if you are reading this website, you don't want. In the simulation, the Titans gashed the Texans on the ground, running for 122 yards in the victory. Tennessee got off to a good start (sound familiar?), jumping out to a 21-7 lead. The Texans pushed hard late (14 points in the second half), but couldn't close the gap.

Will the curse come back? Or will the winning streak continue? We shall see on Sunday.


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