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Matt Schaub has support of teammates

When asked if Sunday's loss was the roughest moment of his regular season career, Matt Schaub's answer was clear.

"Yeah, I definitely think so," he said.

After throwing for 226 yards and two touchdowns in the first half, Schaub's costly pick-six to Richard Sherman was the play that would haunt him.

"Ultimately, the harsh part about this business is you have to wait seven days until you can go and get that taste out of your mouth," Schaub said Wednesday. "It's not like other sports when you play the next night or next day. The only thing we can do as a group and me personally is go get ready to play San Francisco and go win that one."

Despite the media firestorm surrounding him this week, Schaub has the unwavering support of his teammates.

Arian Foster, who called a players-only meeting on Monday, said the team needed to forge ahead and not let any one win or loss affect them.

"Everybody has bad games," Foster said. "Everybody has bad runs. This is the NFL. It's not easy out there, especially at that position. He's our quarterback. He's our leader. I'm riding with him."

J.J. Watt admitted to having "a lot of anger" even three days later after two losses, but has shifted his focus to winning on Sunday at San Francisco. Winning or losing is a team effort, according to Watt.

"In this locker room, we're behind him," Watt said. "That's all that matters. We're going to go out there on the field, and we trust him and he trusts us, as one football team like I said on Sunday. No one player is going to win or lose you a football game. We need to go out there as a football team and win games. That's what it comes down to."

With the support of his teammates, Schaub said everyone was ready to move forward as a group. He knows exactly what he needs to get past Sunday's loss.

"Just go right back to the drawing board," Schaub said. "Go right back to work the next day. That's the thing that you've got to do. It was one play the other day and it was a very important play, but we'll be better when we get back into that situation again. You just go right back to work and get right back in the film room, get right back out onto the practice field and go to the next one."


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