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My Favorite...Amanda


Texans Cheerleader Amanda can list a handful of activities she calls her favorites – dancing, teaching dance and spending time with her family.

But at the end of October, Amanda has one thing on her mind, and that's getting ready for Halloween.

"I love dressing up for Halloween," the second-year vet said. "And this year I get to dress up with all my girls on the team at our Texans Cheerleaders Halloween Bash."

For the sixth consecutive year, the Texans Cheerleaders are throwing a Halloween party that is open to the public. The event on Friday night at the House of Dereon Media Center includes appearances by the cheerleaders, a live DJ, Miller Lite models and door prizes. Plus, there will be a costume contest beginning at midnight.

To get ready for the big event, Amanda went shopping on Tuesday for a perfect costume to fit this year's jungle motif.

"I want something cute and fun that fits with our 'Welcome to the Jungle' theme," she said.

{QUOTE}She first tried on a khaki safari mini dress that was adorned with strategically placed paw prints.

"I love the paw prints and the bows on this dress," Amanda said. "But it's just not right."

She did like a leopard-print cavewoman dress, but the store didn't have her size.

It took all of Amanda's will power not to buy the aviator costume she had been wanting for the last three years. She was forced to pass on the cropped bomber jacket and hot pants because they didn't fit with the party's theme.

After a long day of shopping, Amanda finally found the perfect costume that fit her perfectly, but she's keeping it a secret until the big bash.

"I finally found my costume for the night, but I'm not going to show anyone until Friday," Amanda said. "People will have to come to the party to find out!"

For more information on the Texans Cheerleaders Halloween Bash, click **here**.

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