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Cheerleader Betsy is playing in the Texans Celebrity Fantasy Football league this season.

EDITOR'S NOTE:Each week, will spotlight a Texans Cheerleader and follow her through her favorite activity or hobby for a series titled, "My Favorite..."

It didn't take Texans Cheerleader Betsy long to name her favorite hobby. In fact, it's all she's been able to think about since the NFL season kicked off last week.

Betsy is addicted to fantasy football and this season she is representing the Texans Cheerleaders in the Texans Celebrity Fantasy Football League.

"I am so excited to be in the Texans Celebrity Fantasy Football League," Betsy said. "It was a huge honor to get to do this. It's been so exciting. It's also something that I've had to spend some time on. I've had to challenge myself, but it's been a lot of fun."

Betsy learned a thing or two about fantasy football from her four younger brothers and she had played in a few leagues as a student as Sam Houston State.

"In college, I played fantasy football but it was very laid back," Betsy said. "It was more like, 'I'll trade you this player if you do my laundry. I'll trade you that player if you do my dishes for a week.'"

{QUOTE}That laidback approach didn't help Betsy in Week 1. She finished tenth in the league, well behind SportsRadio 610's Adam Wexler and FSN's Patti Smith.

"My first week, I probably could have spend a little more time on my team," Betsy said. "It was something that I waited until the last minute to do. This week, though, I really watched all the games. I made sure that online I was up on my knowledge of stats, of who was playing who."

The second-year veteran purchased the NFL Network's Sunday Ticket package and spent Monday poring over stats and injury reports.

"I bought the Ticket, as if I need to watch anymore television!" Betsy said. "Now, I have that and I went out and bought the ESPN fantasy football magazine, which gives you some starting points to go from."

The Texans celebrity league is run through and allots members 300 points each week to select their lineups. The system is very fan friendly, but, as Betsy pointed out, it helps to have a strategy in place.

"My strategy for Week 2 was to balance it out more, really use the 300 points that I get in a better way than I did last week," Betsy said. "I was able to get some really good players, but then I was able to get a player like Matt Forte, who had a great game last week. He was a little bit less points, but he had a huge debut as a rookie.

"Of course, I took Andre Johnson and Kris Brown. Those are two very obvious home team picks. I'm huge fans of theirs. I'm just going to keep watching it (lineup) through the week. I can change my selections if I need to, but I'm pretty pumped about my team for the week."

Without giving away her lineup, Betsy offered a preview of her Week 2 picks.

Running back: Matt Forte, Chicago Bears
Wide Receiver: Andre Johnson, Houston Texans
Tight end: Jason Witten, Dallas Cowboys
Kicker: Kris Brown, Houston Texans

Texans fans, you can join the 2008 Houston Texans Fantasy Football league! To learn more, click **here**.

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