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My Favorite...Danielle


During the holidays, most people fear the crowded stores, packed parking garages and long lines at the checkout counter. Not Texans Cheerleader Danielle.

December is her favorite time of the year for shopping, and she prepares herself for the season by devising a game plan.

"I love shopping, but I really love Christmas shopping," Danielle said. "It's a chance for me to buy for others. I really get into it and try to make my gifts special."

{QUOTE}Every year, Danielle writes out her shopping list, complete with the names of family, friends and girls on the squad, and begins brainstorming the perfect gift for each person.

"I try to pick up on things during the year about what people like," she said. "I have a friend at work who complimented me on my eye shadow. I remembered that and decided that I had to get her that same eye shadow for Christmas.

"I noticed a family friend wears sparkly earrings. She doesn't like huge earrings, but something a little more sophisticated. So I decided that was what I would get her."

After Danielle makes her list, she hits the mall. Of course, it's tempting to indulge and treat herself, but she always stays focused on the task at hand.

"When I try on great things, I have to remind myself why I am shopping," Danielle said. "It really is so much for satisfying to buy for others."

Danielle also likes it when she can buy gifts for several people in one spot.

"Bath & Body Works is a great place to shop for men and women," she said. "They also have cute stocking stuffers. I can cross a lot of things off my list when I'm there."

When it comes to shopping for the girls on the squad, Danielle said it's hard to find a gift that everyone enjoys and hasemeaning. But this year, many of the girls have been talking about the book, "A Purpose Driven Life."

"This is a book that is special to many of the girls on the team," Danielle said. "We often get together and take time to talk about our lives off the field, and this is a book we have talked about. So I think I'm going to get it for some of the girls."

After a long day of Christmas shopping, Danielle takes a little time to relax, look through her bags of gifts and enjoy what the holiday season is all about: giving!

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