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My Favorite...Erica


EDITOR'S NOTE: Each week, will spotlight a Texans Cheerleader and follow her through her favorite activity or hobby for a series titled, "**My Favorite...**"

It's tough for Erica to find a free minute in her jammed-packed schedule. The Texans Cheerleader balances her commitments to the team with her job as a substitute teacher and her responsibilities as a mother. But ask Erica about her favorite thing to do off the field and the answer is simple: Spend time with her three-year-old son Aiden.

"Aiden has been an absolute joy in my like and in my family's life," Erica said. "I had just made the team and it was my third time trying out, and I ended up getting pregnant.

"It was so hard because I had worked really hard to make the Texans, but I had to take on responsibilities and I was excited about being a mom."

Because Erica finds herself incredibly busy during the football season, she truly values every free moment she spends with Aiden.

Her favorite days are when they go out for a breakfast treat and then enjoy the morning at the park.

"He loves Starbucks just as much as me," Erica said. "They have these little lemon muffin, and he'll get a lemon muffin and the vanilla milk they have. He's like a little man."

Aiden also is Erica's biggest fan. He cheers on the third-year veteran at Texans games and enjoys watching her perform at events. He may even have picked up some her dance moves.

"He likes to watch me dance," Erica said. "He used to when he was a little bit younger and when he would watch me dance, we would scream crying and say ,'Stop dancing. Stop dancing.' Now, he loves it. He says, 'Why don't you go dance? Go dance! Have fun.' He loves to dance, too. He's pretty good himself.

"Seeing him at the end of the game is amazing. Having him come down – I get to hold him when I'm down on the field and take pictures. Hopefully one day when I know he'll be a huge Texans fan and into football, I'll be able to say, 'Hey, I got to be out on that field. That was amazing.'"

What's also amazing is the fact that Erica is in unbelievable shape. She appeared on the back cover of the Texans 2008 Swimsuit Calendar and she is known for being one of the fittest girls on the squad.

She believes the secret is sticking to a balanced diet that includes a lot of protein, fruits and vegetables and staying active. Of course, running around with Aiden helps her accomplish that.

"I did a little extra working out for the calendar," Erica said. "I was running a lot for tryouts, so I already felt like I was in somewhat of OK shape, but I was still missing some of the weights and toning so I tried to tone up a bit and do sit ups all day.

"I always want to represent the Texans the best that I can and be in the best shape that I can. I love dancing. I love the Texans. I love the organization. I just try to be myself, help the people on my team and be the best at everything I do.

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