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My Favorite...Randi


EDITOR'S NOTE: Each week, will spotlight a Texans Cheerleader and follow her through her favorite activity or hobby for a series titled, "**My Favorite...**"

When Houston Texans Cheerleader Randi decided to get a dog she knew exactly where to go: The Humane Society. Randi wanted a German Shepherd mix and she wanted a dog that needed a home.

What she did not know was how attached she would get to so many of the rescue dogs needing owners.

"I have a soft spot in my heart for dogs, especially rescue dogs because they don't have a home," Randi said. "I just really feel for them. Someone may not want them, but all dogs deserve a home."

{QUOTE}Because Randi couldn't take in the 30,000 dogs being cared for by the Humane Society, she figured the next best thing would be to volunteer for the organization.

"I get the fun job," Randi said. "I get to play with them. I also help the people that come in find a dog. I'm kind of a matchmaker. If they are looking for a small dog, I pair them up with a small dog."

Once a week, Randi and her mother spend the day walking and playing with rescue dogs and encouraging visitors to take one home.

"What made me want to come here is that I saw that they really do take good care of the animals," Randi said. It's their home here. They aren't unhappy here. I wanted to come here and play with the dogs and get to know them before they get a home."

Randi also tries to educate people on all the serves that the Humane Society provides, such as pet adoption, vaccinations and spaying.

"The Humane Society really does a lot for the dogs," Randi said. "They come here and get vaccinated. They take good care of them. They get fixed. No dog leaves here without getting fixed. It's also a really an inexpensive way to buy a dog."

The hardest part of her job is saying goodbye to her little friends, but she takes heart in knowing that the dogs are going to live with good families.

"This is Bobby," Randi said of a German Shepherd mix puppy. "All his brothers and sister have been adopted. He is such a cute puppy. I love playing with him, but I want him to be adopted, too. I know he will be. He just so cute!"

To learn more about the Humane Society in Houston, click **here**.

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