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My Favorite...Susannah


Texans cheerleader Susannah has decided to come clean and share a secret that only her close friends and teammates knew: She is a film nerd!

The second-year veteran with long blonde hair looks far from it, but she is a movie buff who enjoys watching all genres of films.

"People joke that my favorite movie is 'Legally Blonde: Red, White and Blonde,' but that isn't the case at all," Susannah said. "I love all types of movies – comedies, action, drama – you name it."

Some of her favorite flicks include "American Gangster," "Edward Scissorhands" and "Jumper." At the top of her list are all the Harry Potter films.

"Harry Potter movies are my favorite," Susannah said. "And one of the goblets from the actual movie was given to me. It was my first real movie prop."

The gift came from her friends Bill and Tatiana, who own an extensive collection of movie memorabilia, which includes Wesley Snipes' "Blade" suit, Russell Crowe's "Gladiator" breast plate and Brad Pitt's armor in "Troy." They also have the scissorhands worn by Johnny Depp, the whip used by Antonio Banderas in "Zorro," the hat Tom Cruise donned in "A Few Good Men," Keira Knightley's dress from "Pirates of the Caribbean" and much more.

"When Susannah first came over and saw the collection, she knew what movie everything came from," Bill said. "I was so impressed because she could name all the scenes in the movies."

Watching movies truly is one of Susannah's favorite hobbies, and she can list most actors in a film and recite just about any line. That's why she loves combing through Bill and Tatiana's treasures and reliving movie scenes.

"I totally flipped out when I saw Johnny Depps' scissorhands," Susannah said. "I loved that movie, and it was so cool that Johnny Depp had actually worn them."

Susannah doesn't plan on building a collection the size of Bill and Tatiana's, but she is excited to have a few film props of her own.

"I love that I can watch Harry Potter and see the goblet that I have," Susannah said. "Harry Potter movies are my favorite, but it really is hard to pick one movie I like best. I just like so many!"

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