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Nate Washington's big score against former team

Nate Washington did what most players like to do against any team, especially their former ones.

He scored.

"I knew that Nate Washington was going to have a big day playing against his old team, so he was fired up," Brian Hoyer said.

Washington did the team's pregame huddle speech in his first game against Tennessee in a Texans uniform.

Hoyer threw a deep 42-yard pass to Washington in the third quarter. Hoyer used words like "incredible" and "awesome" to describe the veteran receiver's catch.

"It is one of our plays that we run, just an awesome job by Brian trusting the play and staying in the pocket," Washington said. "I watched the replay on the big screen and he took a heck of a shot. SO it was really all on him, our offensive line held up  up-front and just gave me an opportunity on the back end."

Washington completed the catch to the ground and injured his hip on the play. He exited the game after the score and joked that although it messed up his touchdown celebration, he'd happily take it.

"It (lower back/hip) just got tight on me," Washington said after the game. "It's just football at the end of the day. You take a hit like that and those things get stiff. I'm perfectly fine."

For Washington, there was no focus for him on winning against his former team. It was just Houston's turn, defeating the Titans 20-6 on Sunday, after two devastating losses in the past four weeks against Atlanta and Miami.

"We wanted to come out and play good football and have each other's back and that's what it was all about," he said.

Washington finished the game with four catches for 74 yards and one touchdown. It was his third score of the 2015 season.

The Texans improve to 3-5 on the season and have a bye in Week 9.

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