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New helmet designs & J.J. Watt comeback talk | Fans Wanna Know


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Lizzie Ruggovich: Dear Drew, Why did the Texans get demoted next week from 3 p.m. to noon?
DD: It was actually a promotion, Lizzie. Houston and the Broncos were scheduled for a later afternoon kickoff next weekend at NRG Stadium. Earlier Tuesday, **the NFL announced they’d play at noon instead**. So instead of just the Houston area and the Mountain region being the only sections of the country that see the game, more than half the nation will get the Broncos at Texans matchup next Sunday at noon instead. It seems odd, but the move to an earlier start means more eyeballs will be on the Texans.

Derwin Jordan: Dear Drew, Is there a restriction against going to the Battle Red Helmet permanently? Also, do you think there's any chance J.J. Watt could come back and play?
DD: Great to hear from you, Derwin. Hope you and the family are great. The alternate helmets can be worn three times per season right now. There will be different uniforms next year, but in 2023, this Sunday against the Jaguars will be the final time the Texans get to wear the Battle Red Helmets.

As far as J.J. goes, he's been pretty clear about squashing any idea of coming back by saying how he's not in shape, running-wise, to play NFL football right now. Watt's living the good life and spending time with family, doing some TV on CBS, and also keeping busy with a variety of business interests.

I don't think Watt is coming back.

But…if anyone could come back and be a difference-maker, it's J.J. Watt.

James Garcia: Dear Drew, When is the next opportunity for the Texans to play in a Super Bowl at NRG Stadium?
DD: The next three Super Bowl locations are set: Las Vegas this February, New Orleans in 2025 and Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara (home of the 49ers) in 2026.

Technically, 2027 would be the earliest, but it doesn't sound like or look like Houston will be in the mix to try and host that game.

That could change, but it seems like the earliest a Super Bowl getting back to Houston is at the end of this decade, or in the 2030's.

As weird as that might've seemed to read, it felt even weirder to type.

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