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O'Brien on QBs in preseason

It's something head coach Bill O'Brien had been thinking about all last night.


Evaluating the performance of Case Keenum and Tom Savage hasn't been easy this preseason, despite the statistics.

"When you play in the preseason, it's a little bit disjointed in that you play two series here, you play one series here," O'Brien said Friday. "You get thrown back into the game here. Part of that, we're trying to evaluate how you would handle that, but again, it's very difficult to get into a rhythm. I think we all have to understand that as coaches and understand that these guys have worked very hard and they have improved. Last night was not one of any of our better nights."

After a disappointing outing by backup quarterbacks Case Keenum and Tom Savage in Houston's preseason finale, O'Brien isn't deterred. He recognizes the work put in by the two, as well as starter Ryan Fitzpatrick, and doesn't underestimate the value of learning the offense. For someone new to come in and do so would be a challenge.

"Very difficult to bring a guy in and get him ready in one week to be a backup or a number three," O'Brien said. "It's a difficult process. Is it something that we would do if we felt like it was something that would improve the football team, certainly we would look at that. At this point in time, these three guys: Fitzy (Fitzpatrick) our starter, and Case and Tom have worked hard. They know the system."

The Texans have first priority on the waiver wire to add a quarterback if needed. For now, O'Brien seems content with his trio but did not name who would be the official No. 2 backup to Fitzpatrick heading into the regular season.

"I see that these three will be on the roster," O'Brien said. "I see that right now. As we sit here right now, I see that these guys will be on the roster. They've worked hard. It's time to get ready for the regular season and I can see a definite scenario where the three of these guys are here."

The Texans have until 5 p.m. CT on Saturday, August 30 to submit their final roster. Practice squad signings will begin on Sunday at 11 a.m.

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