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O'Brien rewards team with Victory Mondays

There's no such thing as Monday Blues around NRG Stadium these days.

For the second-consecutive week, Texans players have enjoyed Victory Monday, a day off following a win. The latest Victory Monday was awarded by head coach Bill O'Brien in the locker room after Houston's 27-13 win in Jacksonville.

"I'll see you Wednesday!" O'Brien said, ending his post-win locker room speech on Sunday.

O'Brien feels the Monday off actually benefits players and coaches. Players can use the extra rest, especially in the final stretch of the season.

"That's a lot about rest and I also think these guys have put a lot of work into this thing, all the way back to training camp. We get a lot done on Wednesdays."

O'Brien and his coaching staff don't get to enjoy Victory Mondays with the players. They use the extra time to get ahead on the upcoming week's game plan.

"It's good this time of the season, just solely my opinion, is to have a separation between the coaches and the players for a couple days," O'Brien said. "We can game-plan, get a lot of things done and they're ready to ramp it up on Wednesday."

Despite no team meetings, most players still follow their normal Monday routine with treatments and workouts in the gym. Tuesdays are a normal day off for players while a typical week resumes with practice from Wednesday through Friday.

"What's interesting about these guys is that all of these guys have been in here either today," O'Brien said. "I just saw (J.J.) Watt working out, (Brian) Cushing. All of them will be in tomorrow, getting treatment, working out, watching tape."

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