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Owen Daniels, Garrett Graham react to players' meeting

Just one day after the Texans 23-20 overtime loss to Seattle, Arian Foster called a players-only meeting to regroup. Tight ends Owen Daniels and Garrett Graham shared their thoughts on Tuesday's Verizon Players radio show.

"It was good," Graham said. "It was good to get some things out in the open there and kind of get everybody on the same page. We had a few guys talk. I think Arian called the meeting up and people said what needed to be said. It was good to all get on the same page, just know that we are all going forward as a team and just looking forward to playing San Francisco and all getting on the same mindset."

Daniels, who did not give the specifics of what was said behind closed doors, said the purpose of the meeting was to help everyone gain perspective from the previous losses and learn from them.

"Nothing earth-shattering, really," Daniels said of what was discussed. "It was basically just the leaders stepping up and putting their two cents in, in what they are seeing and what is going on. No one's freaking out. No one's panicking. We've got our poise. We just want to make sure that we are all doing things the right way and trying to get better and not have this be a loss that affects us as the year goes along."

The (2-2) Texans will travel to (2-2) San Francisco for their prime-time matchup on Sunday, October 6 at 7:30 CT.

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