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Dalton Hayes: Dear Drew, What are the Texans offseason needs?
DD: Aside from the starting quarterback position, the Texans will look to get better at every single spot on the field.

They were one of the final eight teams in the playoffs, which meant they did something really well in 2023. But the Texans can get better.

They'd like to improve in the run game in 2024, and head coach DeMeco Ryans spoke about that last week in the season-ending press conference.

Defensively, they'd like to keep getting after the quarterback.

With so many players from their 2023 squad entering free agency, and so many more from other teams available, general manager Nick Caserio and the crew will be busy this offseason deciding where and how to get another step closer to the Super Bowl.

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Ernesto Santana: Dear Drew, What are we doing in the Draft? I have lots of hope for us and I want to know what our excellent staff and team are doing to improve.
DD: Terrific question, Ernesto, and my answer will be somewhat similar to the one above yours.

Caserio and the Texans own the 23rd overall pick, which means we know a lot less about their options as opposed to the last few seasons when Houston was picking third (2022) or second (2023) overall entering the Draft.

Now, the Texans are in a spot where they can be patient if they want, and pluck a guy who probably should've been taken much higher, but somehow falls to them.

Difference-makers are needed, and that's a spot in which Houston can find one. Historically, running backs like Willis McGahee and Deuce McAllister were chosen there, as was cornerback Ty Law.

Texans right tackle Tytus Howard was the 23rd overall pick by Houston in 2019.

Good players will be available there.

Christian Heinz: Dear Drew, When will the Texans play another international game?
DD: Absolutely, positively, within the next five years. Possibly, as soon as this year.

In December, the NFL owners passed a resolution that will have every NFL team play abroad at least once ever four years, beginning in 2025.

The Texans haven't played internationally since 2019 when they beat the Jaguars in London. Among their road opponents this year are the Jaguars and Vikings, who have home games against to-be-determined opponents.

Also, the NFL has a game scheduled for São Paulo, Brazil. The teams for that haven't been chosen.

If Houston doesn't wind up playing internationally this fall, their time is coming in the years ahead.

Madrid and Mexico City are likely in the mix as possibilities along with London for the NFL, and Paris might be an international destination soon as well.

Howard Rifkin: Dear Drew, When will we be able to see the new uniforms?
DD: In April.

Noah Guadarrama: Dear Drew, How old is TORO?
DD: He'll be 23 on April 23 of this year. For more info on my Broseph, click HERE.

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