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Players optimistic despite tough losses

Texans players are hopeful that the team can get back to winning despite three weeks of tough losses.

"I like the way that we work," J.J. Watt said Wednesday. "I like the way that we fight. And I said it after the game and I mean it, we do a good job of fighting back. (I'm) just getting real sick of saying that we do a good job of fighting back. So if we put ourselves in good position and we don't just hand away points like we've been doing, we'll be just fine."

Monday night's 30-23 loss to the Steelers was Houston's third-consecutive loss by less than one score. Turnovers in Houston territory plagued the Texans, who gave up 17 points to Pittsburgh on three takeaways.

While head coaches and quarterbacks take a heaping portion of blame, everyone simply needs to play better, Andre Johnson said Wednesday.

"When you don't win, I think everybody needs to look at themselves and see what they can do better," Johnson said. "We all need to pick our play up as a team, fix the mistakes that we're making and do what we need to do to win. I think you just can't dwell on one person. Of course, head coaches and quarterbacks are going to get the bulk of the criticism just because of the position they're in. I think we all as a group have to pick our play up. Not just one or two guys."

Both Arian Foster and Johnson described the costly mistakes made as "self-inflicted wounds" in otherwise winnable games. Johnson personally took responsibility for his fumble in Week 6 against Indianapolis, stating that it "swung the whole momentum of the game." With all the turnovers and penalties, the team has yet to reach its full potential.

"I think we are still a good football team," Johnson said. "We just haven't put it all together. I think that's probably the most frustrating thing because you see the potential. It's just putting it all together."

The Texans hope to learn from their mistakes and end the three-game losing streak on Sunday at Tennessee. It will be the second divisional matchup for Houston, currently second in the AFC South and two games behind Indianapolis.

Kickoff for the Week 8 matchup with the Tennessee Titans at LP Field is scheduled for Sunday at 12 p.m. on FOX KRIV-26 and SportsRadio 610.

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