Pro Bowl leaders salute Andre Johnson

At a time when we acknowledge two Texans, J.J. Watt and Duane Brown, who are each going to their third consecutive Pro Bowl, it's also appropriate to get some feedback on the Texans all time leader in Pro Bowl nods, Andre Johnson, who has seven.

Even though Johnson wasn't named a Pro Bowler this year, he's coming off a solid season with 85 catches for 936 yards that saw him climb into the top ten in receptions in NFL history.

The two Pro Bowl leader have staked their claim among the best wide receivers in the history of the league. They continue to marvel at Johnson's ability and accomplishments.

"He's really had a great career," said Chris Carter who leads the team captained by Watt. "He's developed into a great route runner after coming into the league as a physical specimen. He's one of the great players to play in his era."

Michael Irvin, who presented Johnson into the University of Miami Hall of Fame last spring added, "He's a freak. He's had a Hall of Fame career. He can still get up the field. He can still beat you in the intermediaries and still beat you deep."

Both men agree it would be great to see Andre Johnson play his entire career in Houston. "I surely hope and pray he can finish his career in Houston," said Irvin who played his entire career in Dallas.

"There are very few athletes who can start a career and finish it (in one city)" echoed Carter. "It would be great if he could finish up strong (in Houston)."

Johnson will be entering his 12th season in the league this fall.

J.J. Watt and Duane Brown participate in team pictures and met with fans.

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