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RBs using blue-sleeved footballs

Ball security is top priority for the Texans running backs, especially with the new blue sleeves covering each football.  Second-year back Dennis Johnson, using this tactic for the first time, described the blue fabric as "slippery."

"That will help you hold onto the ball," Johnson said. "It will help you think about it more."

The silky covering makes the ball harder to grip and players must concentrate on keeping the ball locked in while they run. This week, the running backs used this exercise during individual drills in OTAs. To further reinforce this lesson, players who drop the ball will take an extra lap around the field.

Other NFL teams have also been incorporating the slippery sleeves in OTAs to practice ball security.

Peyton Manning is carrying a green football around with him everywhere today. Does NOT want to discuss why. My guess? Fumbles. — Lindsay Jones (@bylindsayhjones) May 28, 2014

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