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Referees to officiate practice

Interim head coach Wade Phillips has some ideas on how to cut down the increasing number of penalties during games.

The Texans will now practice with referees present after racking up a record 14 penalties for 177 yards in Thursday's 27-10 loss to Jacksonville.

"Obviously, it's something that we need to address, so we had Big 12 officials," Phillips said. "We had a whole group of officials that were calling penalties, throwing flags. We want to over-emphasize certainly that area so w that we can cut down on the number of penalties we have. The only way I know how to do it is attack the problem, so that's what we did there."

The officials are part of Phillips' plan to structure the team's practices to simulate game time. The timing of special teams practices were also addressed, sandwiching it between offensive and defensive drills instead of before or after practice. Players were informed of the changes to the practice schedule in their team meeting Wednesday morning.

"Well, we told them what we expected," Phillips said. "We know the problem. We know some of the problems. One of them is too many penalties, so we addressed the problem like I said. I think they were comfortable with that. We did have a few penalties in the practice and so we're addressing that in their meetings now. I think it's a logical thing to do."


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