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Rookie diary: Antwaun Molden


EDITOR'S NOTE:*Cornerback Antwaun Molden the Texans' third-round draft choice at No. 79 overall out of Eastern Kentucky, will provide fans with a periodic diary entry on to offer insight into his rookie season in the NFL.

*I'm going to have to keep this entry pretty brief. We had an early practice and then we had to get on the bus and go the team hotel downtown.

I've had a little soreness the past few days in my leg, but coach Kubiak has been holding me out of practice in the hopes that I can play tomorrow night. I'm going through the walkthrough tomorrow before the game, so we'll see.

It's been a pretty interesting past couple of weeks, though.

First, there's carrying the veterans' pads off the field after practice. That hasn't been so bad; it's actually been the worst thing as far as rookie hazing goes. But we'll see when we go out to eat with the DBs. I'll have to pay a couple of tabs.

I did have to sing a fight song and a couple of R&B songs, too, but that's about it. I can't say what they were, though. That's inside information. Texans Total Access.

Coach Hoke and Coach Rhodes are taking me along pretty well as far as the game. They've been there. They know. They've seen every formation; they've seen every defense. With that said, you've got to take heed to what the coaches are saying to you because they know everything as far as football terminology. I just try to get my ears inclined to understanding them and just jot down what they say and go from there.

Coach Hoke always tells us "eyes, hands, feet." As a DB, you've got to watch the hips of the receiver. If they're going outside, you've got to know he's going outside, so that's first and foremost with the eyes. And then the feet, you've got to lateral step. When you lateral step, you've got to understand his move.

And then with the hands, the hands are secondary. I think for all the great DBs, that's second nature – using the hands, releasing outside, knocking him off his route. When you have to get him to come back inside, it's the same thing. I think those are the tools that you need in order to be a dominant cornerback in the league.

The NFL speed has been a big adjustment, but I feel like I've made that adjustment. You know, it just comes down to technique and fundamentals. I think for me, once I get that, the game will slow down a whole lot.

I've learned a whole lot from Fred Bennett and Dunta Robinson. Words can't even explain it. I think when you watch film, you'll be able to see how much I've learned in the transition from college to the NFL. Those guys have been a tremendous help.

Overall, we've got a great group of corners. I feel like every single corner that's competing here right now has the chance to start anywhere, on any team. That's how competitive we are, and I feel like that's how talented we are.

Anyway, I'm excited for this first game. Hopefully, I'll be able to go out there and show the coaches and fans what I can do.

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