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Rookie diary: Antwaun Molden


EDITOR'S NOTE: Cornerback Antwaun Molden, a third-round draft choice at No. 79 overall out of Eastern Kentucky, is providing fans with a weekly diary entry throughout his rookie season on

The big thing we all were saying after the Colts game was that we had to finish. That was evident just from watching the Miami game - it took four quarters to finish. But we got the win at the last second, and it feels good.

On the last play of the game, I was able to help make the tackle when they tried that lateral play. When their center hiked the ball, I saw the lineman pull and I saw Ricky Williams with the ball. He turned around, and I saw Ted Ginn coming in motion full speed, so I knew it was a lateral.

I looked in front and there were four or five guys pulling. It was like a wall of lineman coming right at me and there was nobody on the outside of me, and so I knew I had to make that tackle or it was going to be a play in the making. Not saying they would've scored, but I think Amobi, he hit Ted Ginn and he didn't even know he hit him, so that threw the timing off the route.

So we were pretty fortunate, and I made a tackle. I saw that it was a fumble or a missed lateral and the lineman got it, and I was just thinking, "Get this big lineman down on the ground."

It was pretty funny afterward because Chester Pitts was making his 101st start in that game and I was making my first tackle on defense on the very last play, so he congratulated me. I think some of the reporters were saying I made two tackles on one play and a forced fumble, the first time that's happened in NFL history, but I was just laughing. I thought that was hilarious, but more than anything, I was just happy that we won.

Now we've got Detroit this weekend and one thing, even though they're 0-5, we respect our opponent and I think that's why we'll go out and play hard. We don't treat them as if they are 0-5 as their record shows. We treat them as another opponent that we face on our schedule. We know that they're going to bring their hardest game, and we've got to bring it, too.

{QUOTE}When you look at their games, when you watch them on film, they fight hard. It comes down to a play or two in this league, and that's exactly what it has been for them so far.

I think we have momentum now. I think we had momentum from the beginning of the season, though. Like Coach Kubiak said, we never took our eyes off the prize. We still have a mission and we're going to keep working until that mission is accomplished. But it definitely creates nice momentum for our home crowd and the fans and all of us in the locker room. It feels good to have a win under our belts.

One other thing that has us in good spirits is Dunta Robinson getting back on the field. Everybody's congratulating him, even me, and I've only been around him for a few months.

He's given me a lot of guidance so far in my rookie season. He told me to step it up on special teams. He told me to work hard, because you never know what happens on defense, and to make sure I stay on my playbook. He's been nothing but a positive influence, and I don't mean just in giving advice. Say I have a bad play, he'll always pick me up, just tell me what could I do on that play better, and so it feels good to see him back out there.

I'm excited to see him out there making plays. It seems like he never even left. He's out there at practice in the right spots, right areas, breaking up balls and intercepting them. He looks good out there. We're all just out there having fun, and that's what it's all about.

That's it from me this week. To all the fans, again, we need a hostile environment this Sunday. We're going to put on a show.

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