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Rookie diary: Keeping up with Jones


EDITOR'S NOTE: Wide receiver Jacoby Jones is providing a weekly diary entry for to provide fans insight into his thoughts during his rookie season in the NFL.

This is an exciting game coming up. Every game's exciting, but we'll be on national television for this one, so it's pretty fun. We played the Colts in that third game this year, and that was a big game that a lot of people saw on TV.

But we know on Thursday night we'll be the only ones on TV, so everybody who's watching football will be watching us. You get that mindset that you better be on your p's and q's. You've got to be dressed pretty, I guess, too.

There's a lot of talk about coach Kubiak's past with Denver and all that, but coach hasn't said anything about it this week. He just tells us it's another game, we've got to go at it one game at a time, so that's all.

We want to win this game for coach, but that's not any different than any other week. We want to win every game for our coach because he works hard every day.

After we went 5-7, it seemed like we had a long way to go to get to .500. But here we are with that chance. It'd be a good thing for the organization, and if we can get to 7-7, we'll be right back on point.

Denver's got great cornerbacks, though, Champ Bailey and 'Dre Bly. They're two of the best in the league and that's always who you want to go up against, so it should be a nice little competition going. They've got a great offense, too, so it's a task.

It's a short week to get ready for the game, but it's been pretty good. On Monday, we had a light practice that was more like a walk-through. We had a smooth, smooth practice yesterday, a little more up-tempo, so that was pretty good. Then today we had our walk-through inside the stadium.

I noticed when we were down there on the field the letters in the end zone are painted all red on the outside. I've heard a lot about Battle Red Day and the fans getting all crazy in their red shirts up in the stands. This is my first time to see it, so it should be exciting. It's a great time for the players and the fans to show people around the country what the Texans are all about.

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