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Rookie diary: Keeping up with Jones


*EDITOR'S NOTE: Wide receiver Jacoby Jones is providing a weekly diary entry for to provide fans insight into his thoughts during his rookie season in the NFL.

*I don't have anything too crazy planned for the bye week. I'm actually going back down to Lane College to see some of my friends and my teammates, watch them play, see how they do. It's the last game of the season – they're playing against Clark-Atlanta. We're out of the playoffs this year, but they had a good record. I think they're like 6-3 or 7-3, something like that.

This is my first time going back to Lane since I've been gone. But I've been staying in touch with those guys back there all the time. I call them every day before a game – I call them every day more than they call me.

Playing in Oakland on Sunday, man – I told my mom, I would never in my life, if I could choose, go play in Oakland. Those fans are some of the wickedest fans I've ever seen in my life. But it was a good win in Oakland. And then coming into the bye week, we're comfortable. We know we can come back and keep things rolling.

My shoulder definitely feels a lot better now. I was real close last week on the punt returns. I'm starting to get my rhythm back, too, so I should be good the next game. I'm not worried about the bye week throwing me out of rhythm, though, because I'm going to be working out.

And we're playing my hometown team when we get back. That's a rivalry game for me, baby. Just like how our team feels against the Dallas Cowboys, that's how I feel against the Saints. Hopefully I get a game like that like I had against Dallas. For now, I'm just going to enjoy these days off.

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