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Rookie diary: Keeping up with Jones


*EDITOR'S NOTE: Wide receiver Jacoby Jones is providing a weekly diary entry for to provide fans insight into his thoughts during his rookie season in the NFL.

*Last Sunday was tough. I was up there in Atlanta on the sidelines, and I went through like three bags of sunflower seeds watching the game. It was frustrating, watching. I'm not used to that.

I'm doing everything I can to get back to the field. I've been taking the advice from the team trainers here. Tom Colt, I call him TC, and Kevin Bastin, each and every one of those guys on the training staff, they've been there with me and they got me right. I've been going at it three times a day with straight rehab. I come in at 6:15 in the morning and after we do walk throughs I do it again and after practice I do it again.

My shoulder's feeling alright. I've got the range of motion in it right now. I'm going to go out there and see how it feels in practice this week because I'm a little self-conscious about getting hit on it now, so I'm going try to get over that and get it going.

I'm hoping to play on Sunday but right now, I can't really say that, because when you come back from an injury like this you've got to wait and see how it feels going through a week of practice. Hopefully we should really be knowing everything by maybe Friday's practice. But if you rush your injury, you know it could be something that would get fixed again, but this time surgically probably instead of just resting it and rehabbing it. So I'm trying to stay off getting it aggravated again.

I'm excited about getting back out there for practice, though. I want to play; it's just a matter of getting that confidence back in my shoulder. If I can work on my reaction time with my shoulder, see if I can get it on the same speed as my right one, then I'll be ready to go in the game.

The biggest thing we need to do this week is not shoot ourselves in the foot and play all four quarters. That's it. We shot ourselves in the foot a couple of times last week. So, we'll be alright; we've just got to get back right on our p's and q's.

To the fans, I appreciate all the support so far. Say some prayers for me this week, and hopefully you'll see me out there against the Dolphins.

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