Rookie diary: Trindon Holliday


EDITOR'S NOTE:Rookie kick returner Trindon Holliday was drafted in the sixth round (197th overall) out of LSU. He will be chronicling his rookie season with the Texans in weekly diary entries for

My first two weeks in the NFL have been something good. I came out here wanting just to learn – learn the different schemes, learn what to do and learn special teams.

The biggest adjustment is learning the different routes and different concepts of the routes and different formations. It's a pretty thick playbook, but after practice at night when you get home, you just have to study and look over it and you should be alright.

After I leave the facility every day, I go home to the team hotel and take a nap and then get something to eat. Then, I just open the playbook and start looking over the script for the next day.

I'm sharing a room with Dorin Dickerson. It's been very good; me and Dorin have gotten real close. We study together, we call out the plays to each other and make sure we know what we're doing. It's almost like your freshman year in college living in your dorm, but I'm sure it'll feel like home once training camp comes around.

I've been getting some reps at wide receiver, and I'm very comfortable with that. Coach had asked me when I got drafted, would I be able to do a little offense, and I told him, "Yeah." They gave me the ball in some creative ways at LSU, but Coach Kubiak said he wanted to try to work me in on the offense here and when he thinks I'm ready to play, he'll put me out there.

My experience at LSU has prepared me a lot for where I am right now. The fans are a big help come Saturday night in Death Valley. Being able to play in front of 92,000, it was something special. I've heard from a lot of LSU fans being just four hours away from home, and it's good for my parents and for my family to be able to come out.

People always ask me about my height. It hasn't been an obstacle to me at all. I've always been told that I was too small to play football, but it's not the size of the stature, it's the size of the heart that matters. I actually think my size can be a big advantage in some ways, being able to hide behind some of the linemen on screens or draws and things like that.

It feels good to prove people wrong. All the ones that doubted me and didn't think that I could do it, they see that I'm in the NFL right now, so this is just another stepping stone for me. Over these next few weeks of OTAs and mini-camp, my goals are to come out here and keep on learning what's going on and how things go and to continue to improve.

For those who are wondering, I don't know yet if I'm the fastest guy on the team. I wouldn't say I am right now. I think Brice McCain, 41, has a lot of speed. Jacoby (Jones) has a lot of speed, too. Those guys, they'll talk trash about it every now and then, but I don't know what they want to do. We're not going to race in the 40, I know that, so I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

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