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Rookie kick returner Trindon Holliday was drafted in the sixth round (197th overall) out of LSU. He will be chronicling his rookie season with the Texans in weekly diary entries for*

We finished our third week of OTAs on Thursday. I had a couple of days where I was kind of off and I wasn't running the right routes and lining up right, but I just have to go home and look at my playbook and get it right.

I've been hearing some good things from the coaches and some not so good things, like I have a lot to work on and I have a lot to learn at the receiver position. So I'm just going to take it day by day, year by year and just focus on trying to come out here and get better.

I wouldn't say I'm being asked to do a lot more on offense here than I was at LSU. It's just different. It's more focused on just the receiver position, so coming out and running routes and knowing where to line up is the most important thing.

Jacoby Jones is helping me out a lot. I went by his house one time, and we sat down and he called some plays out to me verbally. I called them back to him, and we went back and forth. He's a Louisiana guy like myself, but I think he's just trying to help a young guy out. I guess the coaches see a lot of potential in me to be out here, so he's just trying to help me so I can help the team out as best as possible.

People talk about "track speed" sometimes, but I think my speed's a little bit different. I'm one of the very rare ones that can go out and run track and also have the same speed on the football field.

I ran track in college, but I didn't get that much time to practice. After football was over with, I would just take a couple of days off and then go straight into it. I raced against a lot of guys, some of the pros like Walter Dix and Wallace Spearmon and Tyson Gay, so I ran against some of the big-name guys in the USA. It was something nice. It was an experience for me as a young guy to be able to compete with those guys.

I did pretty good against them, too. I got second to Tyson Gay my sophomore year (in the 2007 USA Outdoor Track & Field Championships) and made the World U.S. team, but I turned it down because I was trying to focus more on football. I thought about pursuing a career in track, but then I decided I had accomplished what I wanted to accomplish in college and I just wanted to give the football thing a shot.

I'm going home to Zachary, La., this weekend to spend some time with my little girl, Trinity. She'll be six months later this month. When practice starts back up on Tuesday, I'm looking forward to finishing OTAs strong and getting ready for mini-camp.


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