Ryan Fitzpatrick shows up for a school project

Ryan Fitzpatrick taught some Houston-area kids that hard work and taking chances can pay off.

Lindsey Siff needed help with a school project, which was to start a successful business backed by a celebrity. The high school student decided to knock on Fitzpatrick's door to get his endorsement on her project "Cookies and Cocoa."

Fitzpatrick didn't make any promises.

"My dad and mom were like, 'It's not going to happen, but it's okay. You did all you could,'" Siff said.

Instead, he showed up at Siff's school unannounced a few days later. Fitzpatrick took pictures with students and staff, but not before helping out with cookie sales during his visit.

"He was really nice," one student said. "He was telling everyone, 'You have to buy your cookie first, then you can get a picture.'"

The story originally aired on ABC KTRK-13 and can be viewed below.

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