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Scout's Take: Maccagnan on rookie NT Chris Jones


*Texans director of college scouting *

Mike Maccagnan reviewed the 2013 NFL Draft with Texans insider Nick Scurfield. In this* "Scout's Take" series, we'll share his thoughts on each of the Texans' nine draft picks, from tight end Ryan Griffin near the end of the sixth round to wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins in the first round at No. 27 overall.

NT Chris Jones – (6th round, 198th overall)
6-2, 306 – Bowling Green – Brownsburg (Ind.) H.S.JONES PHOTOS

Texans director of college scouting Mike Maccagnan
"I didn't necessarily make this school call. I did actually see him play this fall and evaluated him on tape. The thing that really stood out to me when I watched him was he was at the end of the day just a really good football player at that level. He's very instinctive, a very good technician, a high-, high-energy, high-effort, high-motor player. He's not your prototypical height weight, per se. He's maybe a tad shorter stature, but he plays with very good leverage, very good hand use. When you watch him, the instincts really show up combined with the motor, and he competes

so that he makes plays inside the tackle box, outside the tackle box. He was an extremely productive pass rusher as an interior lineman. Usually, the guys getting lots of sacks tend to be on the outside, but this guy's actually playing inside. He was a very, very, very productive player in college, and some of the things he does well, you would think would translate to the next level also. It'll be interesting to see how he does when we obviously put the pads on and get to training camp, but (he's) a guy that's made a very positive impression so far, and a guy that when we're sitting there looking at potential guys later in the draft, it's the type of guy you go through this process and you sort of see guys in the back of your head, you're going, 'I hope it works out where we get him somewhere in the draft and add him to our mix.'"

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