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Scout's Take: Maccagnan on T Brennan Williams


Texans director of college scouting Mike Maccagnan reviewed the 2013 NFL Draft with Texans insider Nick Scurfield. In this "Scout's Take" series, we'll share his thoughts on each of the Texans' nine draft picks, from tight end Ryan Griffin in the sixth round to wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins in the first.*

T Brennan Williams – (3rd round, 89th overall)
6-6, 318 – North Carolina – Catholic Memorial (Mass.) School

Texans director of college scouting Mike Maccagnan
"He had sort of an unusual season in the sense that he came into the season coming off a spring surgery, so when he first started the season, he was still rounding into shape, we kind of felt. Then, he played quite well. When you went back and watched 2011 tape on him from the previous season, I thought he played extremely well in 2011. Later in the (2012) season, he actually injured his shoulder, so he ended up getting surgery on his shoulder and then missing the remainder of the season. Sometimes, when kids have (those) sort of circumstances, they may slide a little bit in the draft, and we kind of felt that's what happened with him to a degree. So we sort of felt good that at the end of the third round, a player of his caliber was still available. He's obviously fine from a medical standpoint, did everything for his workout in the

spring, and he (came) into mini-camp and done a nice job for us right out of the gate. From an ability standpoint, he's a prototypical guy in terms of size and stature. He is a good athlete for the position. I think he probably has the ability to play left tackle. He may be better suited on the right side. When we watched him on tape in the fall, he's a very athletic kid. He has good quickness and combined with his size, he'd be a very efficient run blocker on the line of scrimmage. He did flash good ability to get to the second level and play in space effectively. In pass protection, which is probably his greatest strength, he has very good size and length. We always talk about arm length for those offensive tackles. He does a very good job of making a long way to get around him. I thought he was a pretty efficient pass blocker at the collegiate level. Overall, we liked him as a prospect. Our coaches and scouts who had done him had really liked him and felt very strongly about him, so we felt fortunate in the back end of the third round to get a guy like that who we felt in time had the physical tools and potential to be a good player for us and the possibility to be a starter in time."

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